Introducing Disability Fitness Australia

Introducing Disability Fitness Australia: Connecting the Fitness Industry and the Disability Community In a groundbreaking industry first, spearheaded by Fitness Enhancement Personal Training and Fit Your Ability CEO Scott Hunt, this initiative will connect the fitness industry with the disability community, ensuring that exercise in a gym or with a fitness professional becomes truly accessible and inclusive […]

Personalised Sports Training

Personalised Sports Training Fit your Ability is an NDIS Personal Training company, specialising in disability sports and offering tailored disability support and fitness for individuals of all abilities, levels, and ages. We are registered for seven-line items under the Core and Capacity-building categories. With Personal Trainers and Support Workers across 3000 suburbs in 8 major cities, Fit your Ability […]

Sensory-Friendly Disability Training

Sensory-Friendly Disability Training We recognise the concerns of parents, especially those with children facing sensory challenges such as autism. At Fit your Ability, we prioritise creating a comfortable and inclusive environment, emphasising sensory awareness training. One notable aspect that sets our inclusive training apart is our ability to control the sensory stimuli within our training sessions, making […]

Personal Training for Children with Autism

Personal Training for Children with Autism A common enquiry we receive from parents revolves around their children with autism who often have low muscle tone. It’s a prevalent concern, and the good news is that, yes, Fit your Ability can help! Building strength in children with autism, or training for children with autism, is not only possible but […]

Boxing for Disabilities

Empowering All Abilities: Boxing Tailored to Your Abilities For individuals with autism who want to explore boxing, Fit your Ability is  not just willing but excited to help! Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond the training studio, offering in-home and mobile personal training experiences. Whether you decide to step into our training studio and try boxing, which provides a […]

Boxing for People with Down Syndrome

Boxing for People with Down Syndrome Boxing is not only a thrilling sport for people of all abilities but also holds significant benefits for individuals with Down syndrome. Beyond the enjoyment and fun it brings, boxing can serve as a gateway to other forms of exercise, contributing to physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall personal development. […]

Is Boxing Good for Autism?

Is Boxing Good for Autism? Learn the Transformative Benefits of Boxing for People with Autism Boxing with a disability is often misunderstood due to prevailing stereotypes. Many believe that boxing is only for able-bodied individuals, but we, at Fit Your Ability, firmly believe that the sport should be accessible to everyone. By challenging these misconceptions, […]

Fit Your Ability in Adelaide: Helping People of All Abilities

Fit Your Ability in Adelaide: Helping People of All Abilities through Exercise Fit Your Ability has expanded its services to Adelaide, South Australia, making it the 8th major city Fit Your Ability and Fitness Enhancement are servicing. And we are bringing experienced disability fitness trainers on board. Shane White and his wife, Mandy, have established […]

Balance and Falls Prevention Exercise for People with Disabilities

Balance and Falls Prevention Exercise for People with Disabilities As someone with a disability or as an ally of those who do, you know how important regular exercise is for maintaining strength, balance, and overall physical health. If you or someone you know is living with a disability, there are specific exercise routines that can […]

Push-Up Progressions for Increased Muscle Tone​

Push-Up Progressions for Increased Muscle Tone Given the unique challenges that come with having a physical disability or health condition like hypotonia or low muscle tone, finding an exercise routine for people with disabilities that works for their body type can be especially difficult. This can lead to frustration and difficulty leading a physically active […]